Tips and Essentials for the back country user…

My wife and I were returning from a week long hike in Emigrant wilderness many years ago and we came to an unmarked trail junction that would lead us back to our car. Two dads and their 3 pre-teen boys are all taking a rest. One of the dads asks how far it is to Buck Lake…I inform him we had just hiked out from there and its about a 6 mile uphill hike / 3-4 hours probably. And he points and asks, ‘So, it’s that way?, and then what is this trail here?’, pointing to the direction we are about to head.

I said,  ‘Let me show you on your map…’

His response…”Oh, we didn’t bring a map…”

All I could do is shake my head, pull out my trail map and show him where we were and where they want to go. I left the map with him as he was going to need it more than we did.

Not fully convinced that they knew how to read a map, but something was better than nothing, especially when you have younger people with you that are relying on your responsible leadership…