The Daily Grind… walking to work:

It doesn’t seem to ever get old…doing the same route a couple times a week. I thought I would be so sick of doing this over and over…

Each day I pass this spot… I take a picture…


I have been doing so for the past couple years – one of these days I will have to put them altogether to see if any changes are noticeable.

I realize I am fortunate to have a great network of public land that allows me to bypass most of the pavement and my neighbor’s morning commutes.

So far this season has had some varied weather to test out some slight gear modifications.  More importantly, it is keeping me somewhat on task to handle the 25 miles a day I plan to get me to the great State of Oregon this summer.

It does give me the time to think…and lately my thoughts have all been about getting back on the trail…(For inspiration…here’s an image from last summer…)


I’m hoping to get a few more legs in this year, even though my early season SoCal trips didn’t pan out, I am trying to find any available long weekend in the next couple months to log in some miles and get me out of this ‘civilized’ rat race.

Yet, every Thursday for the past 5 months, work has required me to fly to LA. Each Thursday I eye the Agua Dulce to Hikertown/Mojave portion from 20,000+ feet…


My newest gear task….food. Working out some new recipes and putting my old dehydrator back to work. Those freeze dried meals can be good, but if you can’t pronounce the ingredients…mmm ground beef…










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